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TM International School is poised to endeavour and pro-channelize a road map and way forward to motivational academic superiority of pro-active efforts coupled with the ceaseless odyssey of identification, renewal and navigation of timeless values for the continued social returns as a gesture of rewarding inspiration and social responsibility as its mainstay and bastion.

The school management fosters the creative abilities and transformational worldviews of students delineating the name of the nameless and face of faceless filled with the effulgent elements of innovation, energy, courage and conviction envisaged with the wings of change recharged with fortified sense of commitment to identify the coveted realms of ambition and value of return gift to the alma mater in particular and society in general in the alleys of memorial ways to introduce the following annual iconic scholarship from 2015-16 onwards as a tribute to Sardar Tara Singh, a luminary extraordinaire to reckon with.

‘Sardar Tara Singh Memorial Academic incarnation/legatee scholarship’ for charitable outlook and cherished lookout for budding students chasing dreams for churning future goals are testimonials to the already existing and prevalent annual scholarships in the school from yesteryears worth mention like –